How to Change Facebook Page Name

Ever thought about changing your Facebook page name but failed to do so? Well, not anymore. You can easily do it with these four steps.


How to change your facebook page name

First,  to be the admin of the page to make any changes. Open the Facebook page you want to change and click on the ‘About‘ tab in the upper left side of the page. Then click on ‘Edit’.


Enter your Facebook page’s new name.

We can give you some suggestions as to what kind of names you can enter and what sort of names you should avoid:

  • Any variation of “Facebook” in your name must be avoided.
  • Your page name should look professional so make sure there is no random capitalization.
  • There should be no misleading terms or words.
  • Abusive and discriminatory words must be avoided.
  • Your  Facebook page name should be specific.


After typing your page’s new name, click ‘Continue‘. However, if you’re not the admin of the page, you won’t be able to do it.

facebook page settings

You can go to ‘Settings‘ and then on ‘Page Roles‘ to see whether you’re the admin of the page or not.

You can change your page’s name as many times, though these changes should be spaced about seven days apart.


Usually, Facebook takes three business days to review and approve a name change. In case of any delay, you can reach out to Facebook and inquire them.

If the above steps don’t work for you, there could be a few possible reasons:

One reason could be that you didn’t wait for three business days for Facebook to implement the change in your page name.

Secondly, your page might have been flagged for breaching Facebook page policies. Anyone using spammy tactics to get likes or not following Facebook page name rules can result in their page being suspended.

A Facebook page with more than 200 likes requires an admin to change the name. But a change with lesser than 200 can change their name without an admin.