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Out there, you can find hundreds of types of websites in the market. but you need to find the one that suits you the best and goes with your brand or business identity. For instance, if you are a corporate entity, you would want to go for a neat and professional look, but if you are an event planner, you would want something vibrant and funky to define your persona. Similarly, for an e-commerce or online store, the website acts as a platform for sale of the products as they are the main priority rather than presenting a brand image in such cases. At Digitally Up, one of the most efficient web designing companies in Pakistan has a team of experts who are veterans of their respective fields. Skilled and competent, our team would willingly listen and understand your requirements. It will recognize your business model and once we are done with the careful analysis of the above, we will move forward to suggesting a website model that suits you and would undoubtedly generate tons of business for you.

we would be more than happy to sit down with you at a cup of coffee and listen to you. while we are at it, we would love to explore all the options that would potentially lead the website to its ultimate position. Call us or visit the contact page for any kind of queries and our team would be more than happy to oblige.

Over the course of the years, we have mastered the art of web designing and cemented our name as one of the top web designing agencies of Pakistan.

The process for a typical website design generally starts with an offline or online discussion with the client. This discussion is necessary to understand and view things from the client’s viewpoint and several other factors like website’s objectives, design preference, color choices, geographic targeting, audience and functional areas that need to be developed or designed. The initial discussion is often enough to lay down a blueprint or core framework of the site which later, over the course of work and period of development is refined until the website reaches its final form and is ready to be deployed.


At Digitally Up, we have a firm belief that your website is your main business tool. Our website designing process has matured over the course of time so it can suit every organization, no matter what the field and dynamics are. The typical steps taken by us during most website designing processes are as follows.


The first step towards website development is assessing and understanding of the website’s requirements. The best way to understand this is a meeting with the client so our team can have a clear picture of the requirements. The meeting can be offline or online. Since our team puts a key focus on the analysis of objectives of the client’s intentions of how he foresees his website to be and how would it contribute to their business in their view. The requirement assessment is necessary to cover many aspects such as color schemes, choice of theme and design, geographic targeting, target audience, customer experience, functional elements and all the various aspects that can give us an edge to dive deep and come up with the best choices and solutions available.


Once done with sorting out the website requirements, a detailed proposal would be sent from our side to the client. This contract would highlight all the key aspects that need to be developed or designed for the website. The contract would also include the quoted cost and time required to create the perfect website. General terms of the contract would also be included.


Once the deal is sealed via contract, our analysts and designers would move on to discussing factors like design preference and color schemes, etc. this discussion would be based on the pre-collected data that includes the requirements. Getting over with the discussion, our team would create one more mockup of the website design. In a case where a simpler project is involved, a single layout would be more than enough to get the job done. However, in the case of major projects, multiple screens would be designed to ensure the proper display and feel of the different functional areas of the project like user experience and interface etc.


Once the mockups are ready, our development team would get itself busy with project development. This is the phase where our developers write codes, build a database, all in effort to eventually bring the mockups to life. Our testing teams engage our development team side by side to ensure bug-free completion of the project.


On completion of the website undergone it’s testing and development phases, we notify the client about the completion. The completed projects are typically run on a test server for the client to take complete check-up of the site, any fixes or issues are dealt with, based on the client’s feedback.


Our company also provides premium hosting and domain services. However, if a client wants, he can provide his own hosting or domain setup and our team would be more than happy to get the website live on the delivered credentials. After deployment, our team would make another test of the site on the live scenario and notify the client.


The client gets the website live and tests it thoroughly. In case of any problems or issues about the design or anything else, our team responds to the queries of the client and gets those bugs fixed in no time.


This is the most fundamental and definitive component for the termination of the venture. This is the part where our team guides the client about the numerous technical attributes of the project. We provide the client with user manuals if they are committed. Our company also provides clients with user training so they can manage the new site stress-free.