Top 30 Digital Marketing Groups you should join on Facebook

Facebook groups provide an outstanding source of knowledge, useful business suggestions & tips and practical advice for marketing professionals. These groups can simply help you connect with an array of experts who share their insights, thoughts and give important ideas to boost your digital marketing career.

Every group has team of moderators who work closely with users and ensure that the integrity of their group is upheld. However, all the Facebook groups have a great quantity of spam content, so it’s important to observe the right set of members and their curated posts, as they can become a proficient forum for growing, learning and exchanging knowledge.


1.Digital knowledge:

Total members: 88

Location: Pakistan


Digital knowledge is one of the most useful and fastest growing community created by Digitally up in Pakistan. Its sole purpose is to provide great insights on digital marketing trends, to raise questions and get them answered by experts and common people. The group has a panel of professional digital marketing specialists who can efficiently answer your queries and offer useful advice and suggestions to increase your digital knowledge.

2. SEO Experts:

Total members: 9430

Location: Pakistan


This is the biggest online community of SEO experts who can answer your technical and common queries in a professional way. You can inquire anything about onsite/offsite SEO, backlinking techniques, SEO tools, and all latest updates that can help you run your digital marketing business successfully.

3. Digital marketing Asia:

Total members: 6632

Location: Singapore


This is another popular digital marketing group which is open to anyone, people can help, learn and discuss different things about digital marketing, particularly in Singapore and the rest of Asia. They can post and discuss digital marketing trends and latest updates.

4. SEO group-SEO experts worldwide:

Total members: 2522

Location: India:


The experts in this group have the proficient knowledge, experience, and expertise to help people leverage the power of the digital media market through different strategies and keywords specifically tailored to demographics

5. Digital marketing solutions:

Total members: 3317

Location: India


This group is about discussions and support regarding digital marketing strategies, queries and their solutions.

6. Online 247 networking group:

Total members: 50,788


This group has a sole purpose to guide people to earn money through social media marketing.

7. AdWords and YouTube Ad buyers:

Total members: 5404


In this group, you can learn about AdWords and YouTube Ad Buying and can connect with other Ad Buyers. You can also compare different advertising tools, tips, tricks and learn from the industry-leading veterans.

8. Multi-channel marketing:

Total members: 2404


This group is created for Internet marketers who are looking for strategies, tips and advice to grow their business across different channels and achieving financial freedom.

9. Digital marketing tips:

Total members: 343


This group is best to learn SEO, SEM, Social Media, PPC, Web Analytics & Internet Marketing Professionals can simply fuse art, science and commerce of digital marketing.

10. Digital marketing USA-UK-UAE- Australia-India

Total members: 156


This group simply belongs to the Digital Marketing Professionals residing in United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia

11. Digital marketing tricks and technique community:

Total members: 132


This group uniquely offers multiple tips, tricks and technique for digital marketers

12. White hat SEO:

Total members: 20,343


This group guide and share information on the topic White Hat SEO

13. Digital marketing expert’s hub:

Total members: 685


This group delivers valuable information on web developer, web designer, SEO, PPC, SMO and all web user group to share or get information easily.

14. Digital marketing club:

Total members – 692


This group is committed to offer collaborative learning by continuously asking different marketing queries and getting them answered.

15. Digital marketing innovators:

Total members: 646


This group offer a great insight and knowledge on Digital Marketing Solution. SEO, SMO, Website Designing, PPC, Google AdWords, Social Media.

16. The 6-figure digital marketer:

Total members – 610


This group is created to build a supportive community of established digital marketing experts to collaborate, inspire, and deliver the current digital marketing techniques.

17. Become social media manager:

Total members: 13,247


This group has a sole purpose to discuss different elements about social and digital media marketing.

18. Digital marketing platform:

Total members:18,167


The main purpose of this group is to promote different brands, build preference, engage with users and to increase sales by using different digital marketing techniques.

19. Digital marketing hacks:

Total members – 642


This group specifically share different marketing strategies and hacks for digital and social media marketing.

20. Digital marketing:

Total members – 612


This group has digital marketing experts who offer various web services like web design & development, professional SEO services and passionate to learn new things about social media.

21. Digital and social media marketing Dubai:

Total members – 152


This group was initially established as a forum in Dubai, where SEO professionals can create different strategies and techniques for people who want to learn and grow in digital marketing field.

22. SEIP digital marketing experts:

Total members: 556


This group has all the efficient Digital Marketing Experts who offer compelling knowledge on different topics related to digital marketing.

23. Email monetizer- Advanced email marketing

Total members – 612


This group can help you combine little-known strategies of email marketing, data monetization, affiliate / CPA marketing, & lead generation.

24. FB ad hacks premium:

Total members – 667


This group is good for people to ask various questions, share the experiences and get technical support for their FB Marketing. The team checks daily to help answer questions.

25. Online marketing and small business South Africa:

Total members: 2738


This group is best for business owners and Online Marketers who are efficiently running their small business and aimed to grow them in a short time period.

26. Digital marketing SEO & SMO:

Total members – 587


This group can offer you a detailed information about digital marketing ecosystem altogether.

27. Social media marketing:

Total members: 7344


This group is good for business owners who understand their business and can benefit greatly with the use of Social Media.

28. Digital marketing:

Total members – 12,686


The group shares discussions about a great approach to digital marketing.

29. Digital marketing innovation leaders:

Total members – 102


This online forum is best where innovative ideas for digital marketing are shared and motivate people to join it as a career.

30. Digital SA:

Total members – 1052


Location: South Africa

This is a best networking and knowledge sharing platform for people in South Africa. This group has a vast number of professionals including Marketing & Brand Managers, Digital Strategists Social Media Managers, Community Managers and SEO specialists & Data analysts Publicists.

No matter what sort of forum or community you want to join, the value you get out of these social media platforms matters the most. This curated list will help you save time from tons of low‐quality Facebook groups and you can get relevant knowledge about your digital marketing queries.